The Song of the Whip
The Song of the Whip
The Song of the Whip The Song of the Whip

The Song of the Whip

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Juliet, The Song of the Whip. The Memoirs of a Woman Flagellant, (Privately Printed, 1933). Edition illustrated with four illustrations by James Axelrod. Foreword, notes and edition by Nathalie Quirion.

Juliet is a young American woman who takes pleasure in being whipped until she faints from sweet pain and exhaustion, particularly if it’s from the hands of a strong man and followed by a fervent love-making session. In her memoirs, she recalls the origins of her passion, the numerous spankings and whippings she has received, and how they shaped her existence and desires.

Discover the amazing life a passive flagellant in The Song of the Whip!

An excerpt is available on Biblio Curiosa.

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