There's a Whip in My Valise
There's a Whip in My Valise
There's a Whip in My Valise There's a Whip in My Valise

There's a Whip in My Valise

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Greta X [Angela Pearson], There's a Whip in My Valise, (Olympia Press, Ophir Books Series, 1961). Edition to which is added eight vintage pictures and an illustrated cover. Foreword, notes and edition by Nathalie Quirion.

Young, beautiful, kinky and dangerous! Such are the heroines of this novel.
We first meet with two hitchhikers: a sadist and a nymphomaniac who can’t resist for long to indulge their irresistible impulses with the men who cross their path.
Next, we witness the troubling relations between a business-woman and her subordinates.
Lastly, we see the development of a new bound between a pretty governess and the father of the children she’s taking care of.
Willingly or unwillingly, all the men who succumb to their charm will have to pay a very painful price for the enjoyment of their company.
And when all of our protagonists end up together at the house a masochist, he will live the ultimate submissive dream… or nightmare.

Follow these dominant ladies and their ruthless passions in There’s a Whip in My Valise!

An excerpt is available on Biblio Curiosa.

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Keywords: FlagellationHumiliation, Torture, Femdom.